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Reliable New Roof and Skylight Installation in Bonney Lake

Most homeowners in Bonney Lake need a new roof every 15-25 years. Many area residents can also expect to replace their skylights every 10-15 years. Unfortunately, both projects can be costly, especially when improperly installed replacements leak.

Luckily, you can reduce these frustrating expenses by working with experienced local roofers. At Do It Right Roofing, we believe in getting the job done right first time. We strive to save you the headache (and expense) of future repairs.

How a Poorly Installed New Roof or Skylight Can Cost You

You’ve decided to replace your old, damaged, leaking skylight or roof. Great! Just make sure you avoid some common mistakes.

The biggest issue when installing a new roof is placing it on top of your old one without professional advice from a local roofer.

Laying a new roof onto the old is a technique called reroofing. But you can only do this under certain conditions. To reroof properly, you need to have a shingle roof with less than two layers of shingles. Also, you must never reroof if there’s too much damage. Install a new roof on top of a damaged one and you’ll cause it to give way as the rot spreads.

What about your skylight? Sometimes these can be fixed through sealant reapplication or minor repair to the flashing. If they’re beyond repair, they’ll need to be replaced. Try to fix a broken skylight by yourself and you run the risk of condensation build-up and leaks. In other words, more avoidable expense. Always ask a professional if you have any doubts about when and how to repair your skylight.

Avoid Costly New Roof or Skylight Mistakes by Hiring Do It Right Roofing

Do It Right Roofing is a licensed, bonded, and insured family-owned and operated business. We prevent future problems because of our thorough inspection and installation process.

Here’s how.

If our expert inspectors recommend a roof replacement, we first remove all previous roofing materials. Then, we repair any diagnosed issues. Finally, we apply new underlayment to prevent moisture intrusion, and install the new roofing material. The result? Your new roof will look better, last longer, and be more effective at protecting your home.

Our skylight inspection is just as comprehensive. We look for condensation issues or problems such as leaks or pane discoloration, damage, or cracks. Each step of our inspection process determines whether a fix or replacement is required.

Do It Right Roofing has been providing Bonney Lake residents with high-quality lifetime roofing systems since 2011. Get the new roof or skylight replacement that’s right for you by contacting us for a free roof inspection today.