How to Prevent Roof Damage on Your Residential Home in Spanaway Today

Whether it is raining or hot outside, your roof protects your home – the exterior and the interior, including you, your family, and your belongings – day in and day out. Preventing roof damage is important and not all steps require a professional roofer to complete.

Roof Damage Leads to Roof Repair so Prevent What You Can Now

When your roof is damaged from high winds, excessive weight from too much snow and ice, tree branches, hail, or from improper installation, it is more than your roof than can have damage. Your roof, once damaged, can cause leaks into your home – visible or not – which can cause rotting of support beams in the ceilings and floors depending upon where the water ends up and the rot occurs.

Missing shingles after a windstorm can cause leaks and weakens the overall area covered by the roof. The easiest way to know if there are missing shingles is to walk your property after the windstorm is over. Shingles laying on the ground is an indication that they’re missing from your roof. Look up at your roof for branches laying on it. Check to see if the downspouts are still doing their job of keeping the water away from the house and the foundation.

Make sure that you (or a professional that you hire like Do It Right Roofing) clean the rain gutters on a yearly basis. If you have gutter covers installed, look at them to see if anything looks off. If so, give us a call to look.

Three Additional Ways to Reduce Roof Damage as well as Roof Repair

Other ways to reduce roof damage on your home and limit roof repairs include:

*Keep all tree branches from touching the roof or home to reduce damage from your own trees falling onto your roof.

*Secure-in-place or store all outdoor patio furniture before the stormy season beings. This will limit furniture or other items from getting picked up by heavy winds and crashing into your home or someone else’s.

*Keep up to date with annual maintenance and inspections. Preventing the damage, that you can control, will reduce the amount of repairs needed later.

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