Roof Maintenance Overview

Like many things, roofs require regular maintenance to stay in peak shape and continue to function. If neglected, the build-up of moss, dirt, twigs, leaves, and algae can cause many serious issues. This is why we suggest you regularly maintain your roof by having it professionally cleaned at least once a year!

Roofs are exposed to a great deal of moisture and debris that can cause all sorts of problems, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Outside of debris from trees, excessive rain and pooling water provide perfect conditions for moss, algae, and other microorganisms to develop on your roof. These not only look unsightly but can also cause potential leaks, wood rot, and other potentially costly issues.

Our Roof Maintenance Services

Our experienced roof cleaners will quickly and safely remove all moss, algae, and debris from your roof. We also provide a thorough inspection of your roof to identify any potential damage or areas in need of repair.

Moss Removal & Treatment

Moss, algae, and other debris is removed from your roof using a gentle brush and air. Once removed, a moss-treatment spray is applied to prevent future moss growth.

Siding Cleaning

Using a brush and low-pressure water, we remove algae stains, dirt, moss, and other debris from your siding. After cleaning, we apply a moss-treatment chemical.

Should I Clean My Roof?

Many homeowners often question whether they need to clean their roof. Since we do not normally climb onto our roofs unless there is an immediate problem, it can be easy to overlook. However, there are numerous benefits to having your roof regularly cleaned:

Extend Roof Life

Moss can do significant damage to shingles if left untended. This includes causing curling, lifting, cracking, shrinking, and erosion, all of which can lead to leaks. Regularly cleaning your roof will help you preserve your roofing materials, maximizing the lifespan of your roof.

Save Money

Neglecting roof maintenance increases the chances of roofing material failing, leaks, wood rot, and various other issues that require potentially expensive repairs or full-on roof replacements. Save on easily avoidable repairs by having your roof regularly cleaned.

Improve Roof Performance

While algae will not damage your shingles, it is extremely effective at absorbing heat. This can impede your roof’s ability to regulate temperature. Removing the algae will help improve the performance of your roof and save on potential heating and cooling bills.

Prevent Leaks & Infestations

Moss, twigs, and leaves can prevent water from properly draining. This not only causes potential leaks and gutter issues but also creates conditions for mold, mildew, and various pests. Regular cleaning will help maintain proper drainage and deter unwanted pests.

Increase Curb Appeal

Your roof contributes a great deal to your home’s curb appeal. Whereas a clean roof is indicative of a well-maintained home, a roof showing visible signs of damage or covered in moss and algae is often viewed as a red flag to potential buyers, lowering your home’s value.

Preserve Warranties

Most roofing material manufacturers suggest you regularly maintain your roof after its installation. Regular maintenance not only keeps your roof in peak condition but can also reveal any potential material issues. Damage caused by inconsistent roof maintenance can potentially void your warranty.


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