Skylight Replacement Overview

Skylights are a wonderful feature of many residences, providing natural light to areas of your home without having to worry about privacy. Many modern skylights can also open to provide ventilation, helping to diminish moisture buildup and reduce overall energy consumption by keeping your home cooler during the summer months.

However, like any part of your roof, skylights can develop problems over time. Most skylights have a lifespan of only 10-15 years—much less than the lifespan of a new roof—so they may run into problems well before you need an entire roof replacement.

Some signs that your skylight might be in need of replacement include:

  • Leaks at or near the skylight
  • Discoloration of the pane
  • Damage, warping, or cracks in the pane
  • Constant condensation buildup

Sometimes, a skylight may just need a minor fix, such as a sealant reapplication or minor repair to the flashing. However, older skylights can continue to deteriorate over time, and it may be more cost-effective for you to just replace the skylight entirely.

If you’re experiencing issues with your home’s skylights, we can help! The best time to replace older skylights is when you replace your roof—re-using old skylights can lead to more issues, and you won’t want to replace all your skylights only a few years after getting an entirely new roof.


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