Learn How to Prevent Leaks and Infestations from the Roof of Your Home

No one wants a leaky roof. A leaky roof causes damage to your roof as well as under the roof. If the damage to the roof is severe enough, the leak could allow water to flow into your home. This severe leak could ruin your belongings as it does additional damage to the structural integrity of your home. It could cost thousands to repair.

Besides not wanting leaks, no one wants insects, bugs, or critters taking up residence in their home or on the roof. There are ways to prevent these infestations from occurring.

Preventing Leaks on the Roof and in Your North Puyallup Home

You can prevent leaks by keeping tree branches from touching the roof, cleaning rain gutters annually, and having an annual roof inspection.

Leaks can also occur when damage happens during a severe windstorm or other weather-related disaster. Hail damage can cause holes in the shingles and allow water to flow through to other areas underneath it.

If you do have an interior leak coming from a ceiling or a wall, it might be an issue with your roof. Give us a call to inspect your roof. We want to help you prevent additional damage from a leak on your roof.

Prevent Infestations to Your Roof and Home in North Puyallup

One way to prevent infestations is to keep all tree branches from touching the roof or any parts of your home. This will help keep bugs and insects from crawling or dropping from the branches to your roof or home. Critters like squirrels love to run up trees and out onto the branches. If your roof has branches on it, they will walk or run onto your roof. Once they are on the roof, they can do whatever they want and bring their friends. Keep them from being able to get onto the roof in the first place.

Another way to prevent infestations on your roof and in the home is by having an annual roof inspection. Our roof inspector will be able to see if there are signs of critters, bugs, or insects that now call your roof home. Plus, our roof inspector will make you aware of any roof damage that could cause leaks or other serious issues.

Improve Roof Performance by Scheduling a Roof Inspection Today

When you prevent leaks as well as prevent infestations, you improve roof performance. The better your roof performs, the better your home, belongings, and family will be as they stay safer from the elements, critters, and too much water.

Please give us a call today here at Do It Right Roofing to schedule your free roof inspection today.