Do You Know If Your Puyallup Home Needs a New Roof?

If your roof has been around for ten or more years, chances are it is nearing the halfway mark of its expected life. If your roof is twenty or more years old, then you might want to consider replacing it in the next few years. Getting a roof inspection can clue you in on how long your roof has left.

While the best time for a roof inspection is during the summer, with no slick shingles or loose leaves, the second-best time is now. Catching problems now helps you prepare before a leak develops, both mentally and fiscally. You want to avoid having the roof spring a leak in the middle of winter, knowing that it will grow with the melting snow.

Not Paying Attention to the Warning Signs of a Failing Roof Can Be Costly

Serious warning signs of a damaged roof can be difficult to spot from the ground. However, some are much easier to spot than others. For example, fallen branches and hail can damage or knock off shingles, while a buildup of leaves, moss, or mildew can cause water leaks. Doing a short visual inspection from the ground after each storm is a good way to stay informed on the condition of your roof.

During an inspection, our expert roofer can spot areas of concern much easier. Many homeowners might not see the less obvious warning signs, which is what we are trained to look for. When using Do It Right Roofing, we have a qualified roofer inspect your roof for signs of problems both big and small.

If Your Roof Needs Maintenance or Replaced, We Will Provide Options for You

If our trained roofers find a problem that might require a roof replacement in the near future, they will give you a free quote on the spot. No need to schedule an additional appointment later. This gives you time to financially prepare for a new roof, rather than having the massive expense hit your bank account at the worst time.

At the time of the quote, we consider what needs to be replaced right away and what can wait. If your gutters, siding, or shingles are damaged, we will take that into account before providing you with an accurate quote. Call today, so your roof can continue to keep you warm and dry for years to come.