Schedule a Roof Inspection for Your Residential Home in Frederickson Today

Residential home roofs should have an annual inspection performed. If there has been a major storm with high winds, tree branches falling onto the roof, or shingles found on the ground, then an additional roof inspection might be needed.

When was the last time your roof was inspected? If you recently moved into your Fredrickson home, you may not have been told about the most recent inspection date. If that is the case, you will want to schedule one sooner rather than later.

If you have been in your home for years, has your roof ever been inspected? If you are unsure or know that it has not, it is time to make an appointment for one.

Proper Roof Maintenance Comes After the Roof Inspection

While fixing a known problem needs to take place, having the full inspection will alert the residential roofer on your roof – and therefore you – to any other potential or serious issues happening on top of your home. If you do not know everything that could be wrong with a roof, a minor issue could turn major sooner rather than later.

Maintenance items like cleaning the gutters and making sure the downspouts are secure are on the annual roof maintenance checklist. For more specifics to your home’s roof, please ask our roofer after the inspection.

Do It Right Roofing is Your Residential Roofer in Fredrickson

When one of our roofers in on your roof for the inspection, all sections needing potential repair will be presented to you in our free roof estimate.

Our trained roofing crews will repair your roof as needed or, if warranted, replace it. When our roofer is doing your roof inspection, options of maintenance or replacement will be discussed.

Schedule Your Roof Maintenance and Annual Roof Inspection Today

The usual rain from October through June along with the occasional snow and windstorms can wreak havoc on your roof. When you schedule an annual roof inspection and have repairs done as soon as possible, you reduce the chances of severe damage to your home’s interior and structural integrity.

We here at Do It Right Roofing will work with you, the homeowner, for scheduling an annual roof inspection as well as any maintenance work that needs to be done.

Give us a call today to make your roof inspection appointment. We look forward to being your residential roofer!