Lakewood Metal Roof

Lakewood Metal Roof Replacement Process for Longstanding Rain Protection

Most Lakewood, Washington, homeowners have to replace their asphalt or wood shingle roofs every 15-25 years. Not only is that pricey, but weak roofs greatly diminish the value of your home if you’re trying to sell or plan to sell your home in the future. Plus, it’s a pain to deal with if you must replace your roof that often.

The good news is that replacing your roof is easy when you go with suitable materials and the right roof replacement company.

Seam Metal Roof Installation for When You Need Longevity and Durability

Some people take too long to decide when to fix a problematic roof. We find that many home and business owners aren’t even sure when it’s time to call the roof replacement experts, so we would like to give you some tried-and-true indicators to help you stay ahead of the leaky curve.

You know it’s time to replace the roof on your residential or commercial building when it starts to:

  • Show its age by curling or sagging
  • Reveal balding shingles or moss buildup (which can compromise the security of your roof from elements and pests)
  • Actively leak, causing a quick decline into other issues like wood rot and mold

We recommend taking preventive measures as soon as you start seeing these signs. Although it can be tempting to put it off, the longer you avoid replacing the roof, the more it could cost.

Do It Right Roofing recommends metal seam products for many roof replacement projects. Metal is often the most affordable option for residences and companies. Plus, in Washington, you only have to replace a metal roof about every 75 years, increasing the life of your roof.

Metal is also energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and highly sturdy, making this material a favorite among Washingtonians.

Do It Right Roofing Provides Roof Replacement Services to Lakewood and Beyond

We know that replacing your roof is no small project. When it’s time to replace your roof on your home or company building, our experienced roofers will guide you through the entire roof replacement process, from material selection to a transparent quote to ensuring warranties on many of our products.

Keeping Lakewood area residents cozy and dry in their homes for more than 50 years, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured family-owned business. Get your free roof estimate today to ensure you have your home covered by professionals who care.