Our Moss Removal and Treatment Services Can Extend the Roof Life of Your Graham Home

In the Pacific Northwest, there are millions of evergreen trees such as Firs and Pines. The abundance of these trees means that they are everywhere and where there are trees, there is ample shade. Moss loves to grow in shady spots, so if you live in Graham, chances are your roof has sections where moss can call home.

Removing moss clears up space so that water can flow along the roof smoothly down to the gutters and away from the house. Excessive buildup can cause permanent damage in the form of leaks and wood rot. Both are costly to repair past a certain point. It is usually preventable with regular cleaning and a regular plan for the removal of moss.

How Our Moss Removal Service for Your Roof and Siding Can Help Your Roof

At Do It Right Roofing, we carefully examine your roof for moss, algae, and dirt deposits. We can also inspect your siding for stains so we can remove them and make your house look its best. After removing any moss, algae, dirt, and stains, we apply a moss treatment spray to hold back moss growth in the future, leaving your roof plant-free.

Benefits of regular moss removal and treatment include keeping up the curb appeal, increased equity, a longer lifespan for your roof, and keeping energy costs down. By clearing it off every fall, your roof is back at optimal temperature regulation, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The money saved in heating and cooling will pay for cleaning and treating your roof in no time.

Moss Removal without Treatment is Like Using Shampoo without Conditioner After

Our team of trained roofers have power washers as well as moss treatment chemicals. You may have a pressure washer; however, you might not have access to these same chemicals, leaving your roof clean for now, but unprotected for the future. Next year, the moss may pop back up, leaving your roof in the same position as it was in last year.

Avoid the hassle of spraying that stubborn moss patch repeatedly and call us for a free consultation. We service Graham and the surrounding areas, so know that your roof is being cared for all year long. You can save money by hiring Do It Right Roofing and we would love to have you as our customer.