Steep Slope Overview

A steep slope roof refers to any roof system with a 3:12 pitch or greater, meaning the roof height increases by 3 inches for every 12 horizontal inches. Typically made from asphalt (or composite) shingles, steep slope roofs are the most common roof seen on homes, multifamily properties, and small businesses.

When you think of the traditional “home” look for a roof, chances are you are thinking of a steep slope roof. Harkening back to a more traditional style of architecture, these run the gamut from the relatively walkable peaks of Craftsman or Rambler to the incredibly steep inclines of a Victorian or church steeple.

Aside from their striking appearance, there are several reasons why this style of roof is so common:

  • Enhanced defense against standing water, snow, and debris
  • Exceptional defense makes for lower maintenance and increased durability
  • Improved ventilation increases energy efficiency
  • Design allows for attics and additional storage capabilities

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