Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Solution



Clenz O2 was created with one goal in mind: to safely clean better than any other product available. We supply a powerful, earth-friendly product that is guaranteed to eliminate tough stains and odors – and they’re strong enough to restore and revitalize virtually any indoor or outdoor surface without hard scrubbing or pressure washing.

Clenz O2 is a scientifically formulated surface cleaner and restorer.
This product was designed to work along side mother nature to clean and restore surfaces without pressure washing or hard scrubbing.

Clenz O2 features:

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Contains no bleach
  • Leaves no toxic residue
  • Eliminates pressure washing
  • Will not harm plants, animals or
    children under normal use


Clenz O2 can be used on:

  • Concrete & Stucco
  • Brick & Blocks
  • Clay tiles
  • Marble
  • All masonry surfaces
  • Swimming pools
  • Roofing


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